What is litigation?

What do we mean when we call ourselves litigators and why does it take a litigation specialist to do the job right?

Litigation is probably the most widely recognised dispute resolution procedure. It basically means the taking of legal action in a Court to determine or enforce a party’s rights. There are several High Court trial centres and over 200 County Courts which can determine a wide range of disputes, but certain types of dispute may only be determined by specialised courts. These include employment related disputes which may only be determined by an Employment Tribunal.

There are many branches of the law which may result in litigation, from property and commercial or business disputes, to probate and employment disputes but the process of litigation is a speciality in itself. That’s why having your case dealt with by a specialist firm of litigators offers you an advantage, whether you are issuing or defending proceedings.

If you have a legal dispute that you are unable to resolve, let us know as soon as possible, and we will act on your behalf for any court proceeds.

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