Recruitment Consultancy

Sector: Recruitment Consultancy/ Human Resources/ Environmental Health Consultancy business
Issue: Employment Advice; General Commercial Advice; Contract Enforcement

Andrew Grant, Director: We act for Osborne Richardson in a variety of cases, most recently where there was an attempt to defraud the company. Immediate advice was needed so we worked across the weekend assisting with the handling of the employment situation to ensure the individual was dismissed in the correct fashion and acting to recover the money lost which initially was feared to be in excess of £25,000.

We corresponded with the individual and eventually secured full settlement from him whilst avoiding the expense of Court completely. As an Operations Director we find Paul Gold dealing with a wide range of issues from contract and employment disputes to bad debt. I think our work for him is a good example of the breadth of issues that Operations Directors and Managers are expected to cover and the benefits that a specialist litigation firm can provide even if it’s in the form of a quick ‘phone call to ‘bounce an idea off’.

Paul Gold, Operations Director, Osborne Richardson:  There have been a number issues where Ballantyne Grant have helped us including recovery of bad debt, employment law issues and commercial claims. I’ve always found that their knowledge of our sector was very good and in all  the variety of cases I have handed to Ballantyne Grant the advice has always been sound  and  considered . The outcomes have also all been very good and to my complete satisfaction.

The service is personal, swift and detailed.  Being a boutique, specialist firm Ballantyne Grant are not suffocated in the bureaucracy you  get in many larger firms  – they just get on with the job in hand without fuss or delay.  The way they communicate and serve their clients is excellent, in our case we prefer to work via email, but Andrew taking calls from me on a weekend about a troublesome Employment law matter at no cost was very reassuring.

You can trust Ballantyne Grant to deliver an honest, professional first class service with a distinctly personal touch. Their objective  outlook, honesty and integrity have made them a key partner for me and I continue to rely on them for advice across a range of legal issues.

Call our Chester office on (01244) 394230 for more information about help with Contract Enforcement or to make an enquiry.

Recruitment Consultancy