Last call for Landlords in Wales!

If you are involved in the commercial letting of residential property in Wales, you would by now (hopefully!) be familiar with the requirement of the Housing (Wales) Act 2014 (“The Act”).

The Act applies to all Landlords and Managing Agents that deal with property situated exclusively in Wales.

The Act requires that all Landlords must register themselves and their rental addresses with the local licensing body if they propose to let their properties to tenants.

Furthermore, both Landlords and Agents who act on their behalf, who let and or manage rental properties must also apply to become licenced under the new regime.

The deadline for registration and licencing is the 23rd November 2016.

After this date, those that have failed to either register or apply to be licensed will leave themselves open to enforcement action by the relevant licencing authorities.

The action may take a number of forms such as prosecutions, Fixed penalty notices, Rent Stopping Orders, Rent Repayment orders and restrictions being placed upon a Landlords ability to terminate a tenancy.

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