Litigation, by its nature, can be expensive. And no one wants to be writing a blank cheque so, naturally, you want to know how much it is going to cost you. Ballantyne Grant are transparent and approachable in matters of cost. We will always tell you up front the likely cost of your case and keep you updated as things progress. We usually charge per hour that we spend working on your behalf, but we can offer a variety of alternative funding options too. We may be able to arrange funding to cover your own costs, or to cover the other side’s costs should you have to pay these if you lose your case. For peace of mind, simply contact us. After an initial chat, you can then decide on the course of action you wish to take.

Litigation Insurance

Litigation can be an expensive business. The usual rule in most cases is “the loser pays”, so if you are unsuccessful in your action you could face a bill for the other side’s legal costs as well as your own. These costs can run to many thousands of pounds. Ballantyne Grant could offer you an option to protect you against this risk. Ballantyne Grant work closely with several leading insurers in the new field of after the event litigation insurance, which can be available for cases with good prospects of success. By doing so, we can help you to insure against the financial risk of fighting your case.

How does it work?

Ballantyne Grant work with the insurance companies to obtain a completely bespoke policy of insurance based on the individual facts of your case. We can investigate policies that will cover your opponent’s costs, and also policies which will cover both your own and your opponent’s legal costs in the event that you are unsuccessful. You could therefore bring (or defend) your case without the fear of a costs order being made against you.

How much does it cost?

The insurance premium can be fully deferred. This means no upfront costs. If you win the premium becomes payable but in the event that the claim is unsuccessful then you do not have to pay anything as the premium is self insured.

Litigation Funding

Litigation funding is a development new to the legal landscape that assists people to fund cases with good financial prospects. Ballantyne Grant could secure third party funding to enable you to offset the financial risk of bringing (or defending) your claim.

How does it work and how much does it cost?

Ballantyne Grant work with various third parties who fund the legal costs associated with litigation. The third party funder will pay your legal costs and take the risk of an adverse costs order being made against you in the event that you lose. In return for this, the third party funder will receive a previously-agreed percentage of your damages in the event that you win.

This system will allow you to bring your case without being exposed to the financial risks of losing.

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Litigation Funding