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Andrew Grant, Partner: We have acted for the companies within this media group for several years across a range of issues. We initially worked with Kate, one of the Agency Principals when they were referred to us regarding the conduct of a case by their previous representatives. What had appeared to be a fairly straightforward non-payment case was then complicated by a very significant counterclaim. The agency’s representatives mishandled the litigation and failed to file the correct documents, leading to judgment being given against the agency.

Our immediate focus was to get the judgment set aside and the case back on track which we were able to do. We then took on the litigation and prepared the case to which the other party eventually failed to file a defence.

Since then we have advised Kate and her team on other matters from Employee dismissal and breach of confidentiality and debt recovery to more complex technical web and digital contract disputes. For them as with all media companies operating in a fast moving environment, having appropriate contracts and solid commercial legal advisors who understand the world of digital and web design and development can be a great advantage.

K D Adamson, Agency Principal, Stark Moore Macmillan. Ballantyne Grant have repeatedly proved themselves astute both legally and commercially and are able to provide that essential commercial objectivity which it’s easy to lose when you’re close to a dispute. Managing relationships with suppliers and clients relies upon a strong contractual framework and a confidence in the procedures we follow within the agency and it’s thanks to our work with Andrew that we have that confidence.

Knowing that whether it’s an issue with an employee, a client or a supplier Ballantyne Grant are on the end of a telephone and that they understand the global nature of our business is reassuring. Andrew is able to grasp the technical detail of digital projects we undertake which is essential for a media company, and as a practice all the Ballantyne Grant people are good to work with. Though no litigation is pleasant it would be even less so without Ballantyne Grant in our corner.

I have recommended them to a variety of other businesses and individuals and will continue to do so. Their knowledge, advice and approach are excellent and investing in their help has always represented seriously good value for us.

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Media, Web Development